Airport Transportation – Town Car vs Taxi

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The vacation is approaching and you can’t wait to fly out and finally get some rest! But, on the first day of your vacation, you have to deal with the Sea-Tac airport transportation. There are a couple of options – you can derail your friends and ask them for a favor, drive yourself and pay the hefty parking fees, or you can simply call an airport transportation service. That means choosing between a taxi and a privately chauffeured town car in Seattle.

Airport Transportation - Town Car vs Taxi

Many people will not even consider hiring a town car or a limo and will settle for a cab by default. But many of them don’t know that black car service is actually quite affordable. Here are the benefits of choosing a Seattle town car service instead of a taxi:

  • Level of Service

When you hire a limo service, you can expect simply… more. With cabs, you never know what you’re going to get. Smelly or outright dirty vehicles, rude cab drivers, taxi fares that are everything but affordable… We even had clients who complained how taxis never showed up and some of them even missed a flight! The list goes on and on. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every Seattle taxi service is so horrible, but with privately chauffeured town cars, these risks are put to a minimum.

  • Professional Chauffeurs

Almost anybody with a license can become a taxi driver, and with ride-sharing services, people who aren’t even cabbies can earn on the side. All you need is a driving license. But when you hire a town car or a limo, the chauffeurs who are driving them are real professionals. They are licensed, insured, and thoroughly checked on a regular basis. The limos and town cars they drive are often quite expensive, so it’s in the car provider’s interest to hire professional staff to drive them. Professional chauffeurs are courteous and they know they would be sanctioned or possibly lose their job if they are rude to the customers.

  • Quality Cars

Only the most comfortable and reliable cars can become limos. That isn’t the case with taxis. If you are about to travel to Sea-Tac, you might as well do it in comfort. It could be a lengthy ride. Maybe you need more room for your luggage? Car service providers often have a range of vehicles that can accommodate all your requirements and still leave you with plenty of legroom. Imagine you are on a long, exhausting flight and you can’t wait to get home and rest. After such flights, wouldn’t it be nice to be driven in complete comfort instead of a cramped taxi?

Investing in a privately chauffeured town car is simply worth it. Less risk, more comfort and you will reach the airport on time for your flight – it’s guaranteed. Check out what Red Star Seattle Towncar premium airport transportation service has to offer.

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